Learn how to use milky lotion facial washing

Have you ever heard of the milky lotion facial cleansing method? Some people may wonder if it is possible to really remove dirt and grime using a moisturizing product like milky lotion. You can’t tell if milky face wash is right for you unless you try it. So let’s take a closer look at the features, methods, and tips of milky face wash.

milky lotion facial washing

What is milky lotion face washing?

Milky lotion face wash is a method of washing your face using milky lotion instead of cleanser. It is said that the moisturizing ingredients in milky lotion gently remove dirt from the skin surface and clogged pores while maintaining the skin’s moisture.

Since milky lotion does not contain the surfactants found in facial cleansers, it may not be as effective as facial cleansers in removing dirt.

Features of milky face washing

Before trying a milky face wash, let’s check its features.

Removes dirt stuck in pores
The ingredients contained in milky lotion vary from product to product, but they include moisturizing, oil, and whitening ingredients. It is said that the oil blends with the dirt stuck in the pores and washes it away.

Promotes turnover and improves the overall texture of the skin
Since emulsions contain moisturizing ingredients, they are said to be able to remove dirt while maintaining the skin’s moisture. By keeping the skin moisturized, it can have a positive effect on the turnover process and lead to healthy skin.

The normalization of turnover can also be expected to improve the overall texture of the skin.

Moisturizing effect
Milk cleanser can moisturize the skin because milk itself has moisturizing effects. When you use a facial cleanser, some people may feel tight after washing. However, if you use a milky face wash, your skin will not feel tight after washing. Of course, you need to moisturize your face after washing even if you use milky face wash.

How to wash your face with milky lotion

If you wash your face with milky lotion in the wrong way, it can be hard on your skin. Here’s how to wash your face with milky lotion.

(1) Take a large amount of milky lotion.
Unlike the foam of facial cleanser, a small amount of milky lotion is not enough to cover the entire face. Take a large amount of emulsion in your hands.

(2) Spread it over your face.
As with normal cleansing, apply to a large area of your face and then spread it over your entire face. It is important to avoid rubbing the skin at this time. Do not use your fingernails or rub your face.

(3) Remove dirt from large areas such as cheeks and forehead.
Apply to large areas such as cheeks and forehead to remove dirt from pores. Wash your nose, eyes, mouth, and other small areas as well.

(4) Gently massage the areas that are rough.
If your skin is rough, it is likely that dead skin cells have accumulated. Gently massage the area where the roughness is bothering you, as the milky lotion wash can also remove dead skin cells.

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(5) Rinse off carefully with lukewarm water.
Rinse off the milky lotion carefully with lukewarm water. If you don’t rinse well, it can cause skin problems because the milk and dirt are mixed together.

(6) Carry out your normal skin care routine
After washing your face with milky lotion, apply moisturizer as usual. Apply lotion, essence, milky lotion, and cream in the same order as you would after washing your face.

Tips on how to wash your face with milky lotion

You may be wondering if it’s okay to wash your face with milk solution every day, and what you need to pay attention to. Let’s take a closer look at the tips for washing your face with milky lotion.

Use plenty of milky lotion.
If you only use a small amount of milky lotion because you think it is a waste, you will not be able to remove enough dirt. If you continue to wash your face in this way, you may be prone to skin problems. Make sure to use plenty of emulsion.

Take care of your skin properly after washing your face
Even if you wash your face with milky lotion, the moisture and oil content of your skin is still decreasing. Therefore, it is important to apply moisturizing care as usual even after washing your face with milky lotion.

Do it only when you are concerned about dryness
It is best not to wash your face with milky lotion every day. The cleansing power of this face wash is weaker than that of a regular face wash, so if you continue to use it every day, dirt may gradually accumulate on your face. Excess sebum and dead skin cells may cause acne and redness.

Only when you are concerned about dryness after washing your face, use a milky face wash to give your skin a break.

Learn how to choose a milky lotion to use for milky face wash.

In some cases, it is better to use a different milky lotion than the one you use for your regular skincare routine. Let’s take a closer look at how to choose the right emulsion for milky face wash.

The goal is to remove dirt and grime while moisturizing the skin, so choose a milky lotion with excellent moisturizing power. Emulsions containing hyaluronic acid or ceramide are recommended.

Reasonably priced products that can be used generously
When washing your face with milky lotion, use plenty of milky lotion. Choose an affordable emulsion so that you can wash your face with it without hesitation. However, it should not be too moisturizing or irritating to the skin.

Choose a low-cost emulsion that is suitable for your skin.

Low in irritating ingredients
It is important to choose a milky lotion that contains as few ingredients as possible that can be harsh on the skin. For example, alcohol, parabens, and artificial colorants can irritate the skin in some cases. However, not everyone’s skin will be affected by them, so you don’t have to eliminate yourself from the list just because they contain additives.

Why don’t you try using a sample of a milk cleanser first? Pick a milky lotion that you can use without causing any skin problems and choose the one that suits you best.


Milk face wash is a way to cleanse the skin while moisturizing the skin by using a milk solution instead of a cleanser. However, the power to remove dirt is weaker than normal face wash, so do it only when you are concerned about dryness. It is also important to choose a low-cost emulsion that suits your skin. Adopt milky face wash properly to keep your skin healthy.

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